• That is some solid work there. I think you might be very close to the answer we've been looking for.

  • Holy crap man. That's an awesome theory, it has all the twist and turns that we would expect from a telltale game.

  • You clever mother fuc*er ;)

  • Good job Dude, Well thought Theory? Deserves a like !

  • ...you know what? Now that I think of it (after seeing the trailer for episode 2), Bigby may not become accused of these crimes. One of the scenes from the video shows his interrogation by Mundy Police (after being apprehended at the end of ep. 1). So, after Bluebeard seizes Snow's/Crane's position, he may simply get rid of Bigby for the simple fact that he attracted too much attention to the Fables and exile him, effectively taking down all obstacles on his way to power. Seriously, I hope we won't be waiting too much for the following episodes, the suspense is killing me :D

  • Wow, this is one pretty brilliant theory. It would actually be a good reasoning behind the ginger guy's locations. I've always had a suspicion that Telltale were trying to throw-off our scent by making us pay attention to this guy and his weird locations. But if he really ISN'T the killer that would make for exciting future episodes.

    But on the subject of the fact that the ginger guy was in the taxi car with Bigby and Snow, I thought it was possible, POSSIBLE that he may have been there to eavesdrop on our conversation. And whoever you said killed Faith, he would use that information against you later on, or pass it to another person. Who knows though, but I have a feeling that all of your dialogue and actions will have bad consequences. Even small ones like when you told Bufkin to fuck off. He may have been outside the office trying to eavesdrop.

  • so it'll be like the walking dead again? where someone know your doings and judge you?

    • Not exactly... but someone will probably use prejudices against Wolf to falsely accuse him - it will work very well because almost nobody in Fabletown likes Bigby, so it's easy to believe that he became evil again.

  • I'll have to agree with you here. When I first made my theory I did not accuse Cryer of being the killer , but just being involved in the crimes. A lot of people misunderstood that. Well I guess it's my fault too , the thread shouldn't have been titled "The Killer" when it's not really about the killer.

    Those last thoughts are quoted from my thread , but not many people read this :

    But now ... is he really The Killer ? Probably not [...] he's most probably just a tool. Somebody is using him for a greater , unknown cause. The real reason for all this mystery ? We can't say for sure yet [...]

    Now I honestly really like your theory and hope that by the end of the season we all manage to solve the mystery together.

    • Oh... I guess I'm one of those people who didn't fully read your theory. Sorry :(

      I wrote this post after reading numerous times that Red Head is the killer - these theories never really 'clicked' for me. But it's nice that I wasn't the only one who thought about that in this way :) I hope we'll be able to solve it together, just like you said, but at the same time I have this glimpse of hope that we're all wrong - I want Telltale to surprise us :)

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