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Sound issues?

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So, is anyone else having some serious issues with the sound on the PC version? Whenever a character speaks, the sound is extremely distorted and cut off at the beginning.

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  • Have you tried redownloading it and reinstalling it. Send in an email to with the problem and your computer specs and we can try to help out.

  • I'm having the identical problem and reinstalling didn't change anything. I'm sending an email now with my system specs. Anyone else encounter this and have any tips?

  • I was having this problem, if y'all are talking about the intermittent where the first second or so of an audio clip is distorted. Running dxdiag and dialing down the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" slider under "Sound" to basic acceleration worked as a temp fix for me.

  • My sound was working just fine until I got to the part after Strong Bad's first and failed attempt at the RttEotR. Strong Bad is standing at the end of the pool and everyone is saying something to him, but there was no sound. I right clicked through the rest of it and the next scene at SB's house had sound.

  • I was able to figure out what the problem was for me. It was actually really stupid. I had forgotten that my brother had dropped an ancient Sound Blaster card into this computer so that he could used the Roland MT-32 he bought on eBay. I had forgotten about it because everything else on this computer, including Sam and Max and some other newer games, run just fine with the old card. Anyway, I tried switching things back to the sound card built into to the motherboard, and everything worked fine now.

  • It turns out I have this problem too. I thought updating my DirectX fixed it, but it still happens once and a while. When a character speaks, the beginning of their sentence gets cut off, and sometimes the end. Like the problem I had with stuttering video, this sound bug is intermittent.

    My sound card isn't new, but I wouldn't call it ancient. It's a Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, with the last Windows XP drivers made for the card.

    I'll try the temporary fix that Garrick Muttley suggested. I'll also try uninstalling and reinstalling; maybe a fresh install that takes place after I updated my DirectX will have an effect.

    edit (again): For reference, I never had any issues with the sound in the Sam and Max games. Reading through the forum I noticed a thread about someone having a problem similar to this in Night of the Raving Dead, (although that was more pronounced, this bug in Homestar Ruiner is more of a minor annoyance.)

  • This is an entirely different sound system from Sam & Max actually. The whole thing has been overhauled completely. We are looking into the problem however.

  • The dxdiag sound acceleration trick that Garrick mentioned worked like a charm. Make sure it's set to basic acceleration and not standard.

    It's cool that there's a temporary workaround we can use to solve this issue for now.

  • [quote=Will;83348]This is an entirely different sound system from Sam & Max actually. The whole thing has been overhauled completely. We are looking into the problem however.[/quote]

    Speaking (oh-ho-ho!) of that Will, do you remember the problem I was having on my 5.1 speaker system? Everything is working perfectly on SBCG4AP, so I guess that new sound system worked a treat. :D

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