• I hope we get to see Bigby's badass werewolf form in episode 3!

    • I've been thinking about that. Over the past few days, I made a few posts saying that I thought Telltale were doing something similar to what Breaking Bad did, in terms of teasing Bigby in wolf form (in the preview for each episode) and gradually unveiling more of the scene until we reach the scene in episode 5 and we get the full context.

      However, I've since seen one of the achievements for episode 3, and I do believe it's possible that I was wrong now and that we may indeed see Bigby in wolf form when it comes to episode 3. :)

  • Are you sure Faith stole from Georgie? I thought Faith stole from the Tweedles' employer, whoever he might be.

  • Well, I think that we will run after Crane first. But, what's next? Dealing with Dee or woodsman?

  • Crane is obviously suspect number 1 now. He'll try to flee and Bigby will pursue him, as per the new Episode 3 title card. It'll transpire that Crane is only guilty of being a pervert and a stalker, but Bigby will get information about the black market glamour from Crane, and that'll lead him to the Crooked Man.

    I don't know how Detective Brannigan will be involved, but the original title card displayed her prominantly, so hopefully she'll still have a role.

    • Glamour market. Makes sense. Episode four title - "In Sheep's Clothing". It's achievements are different. Maybe Bigby will use glamour (to hide or investigate) and we'll play as... That would be interesting part.

    • Yeah... pretty much that.

      Maybe the next girl dies while you "interrogate" crane. I am pretty sure there will be no new evidence or information about the real killer in the next episode. Crane doesn´t have anything to do with the killer and the crooked man probably neither.

    • Are you sure that it was real crane? I think that killer glamoured himself looking like crane. Episode title says; Smoke & Mirrors, so everything is not what they seems to be

  • I think, Bluebeard will try to take control of Fabletown. I really really want to cry him like in Comics.

  • Wait...how do you know Beauty ows the Tweedle's money? On another note, I'm afraid that Snow White is changing. She was a likable character before, and now she's angrier at everyone and more independent. I'm afraid she'll become someone bad.

    • I tortured Dee, He said something about Beauty. And I asked Beauty about Tweedles. She told me that money thing.

    • Snow White isn't changing, she's acting like she's suppose to act. She's still a likable character and she's certainly isn't "Bad".

      • I was fantasying about a Bigby-Snow White romance (not the kind of Crane-Lily), but then she even tells him "I'm not yours to lose" and in the trailer for Episode 3 she says to Bigby "Handle this or I will." She was calm and reasonable in Episode 1, and I feel like she's not the same Snow White as before.

  • Well what vexes me is: WHY do they put the heads in front of the Woodlands building. Clearly Faith was a mistake because the killer wanted Snow from the beginning (and Faith changed whoring schedules with the troll) but nonetheless dropping the heads there sends a message, like Bigby said in EP1 - therefore I guess it is still this headless rider tortouring Crane who is innocent besides his Snow fetish!

    The only reason to put the heads there is to cause some kind of conflict or panic - but who could possible profit by this? (sorry I do not know the comics so if my theory does not make sense...)

    • Except there is not Headless Rider.

  • So, who took photos in room 207? Tweedledum?

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