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Lawrence and Detective Brannigan?

posted by Zyphon on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users

One of the things that I noticed about Episode 2 in terms of the previews was that if you saved Lawrence, then he showed up in the previews, but was not in the actual episode itself. What happened? Why was the scene with Lawrence cut? Was it simply pushed back to Episode 3?

Speaking of Episode 3, I was excited to see Detective Brannigan at the start of the episode and in the trailer, because I recognized her as the Detective from the Episode 3 slide. Or at least.... The old slide. Now the slide has changed. Before, it was Brannigan following Bigby to the Woodlands, and now, it looks like it's Bigby chasing Crane's car.

This doesn't necessarily mean the character was cut, she still showed up, but will that be the only time that she shows up now? Why would they have changed it if they hadn't cut the character?

If they have cut Lawrence and Brannigan from the game, or at least given them less important roles in the story, then I'm not going to lie, I'll be pretty disappointed. I was interested in the possible "The Fable community has been discovered!" storyline with Brannigan, and I liked Lawrence.

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