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Sarah's fate?

posted by Ellias on - last edited - Viewed by 408 users

Do you think anything would happen in ep2 that regard's her death? I mean tbh she's really not trained and like we've seen in the preview, everybody was going into some place (ofc carlos,sarah,and nick weren't there for some reason). Do you think something happens to her? or possibly leading to ep 3 because for some reason I think all the girls are kidnapped judging from the preview of clem and rebeca. Maybe sarah is with them or is killed or something.. But regardless of whatever it is.. I see her dying a really bad, harsh way. (maybe it'd be a way of TELLTALE telling us they're not afraid to kill off a girl.. or harm her LOL :()

also do you think the place they're going is a trap or something by carver? Or do the guys who stop them takes them in?

I would love to hear you guy's speculations on what happens to sarah and ep 2-3.

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