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SBCG4AP crash/freeze - Wii version

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My game crashes whenever I load a completed game and try to talk to Coach Z outside the locker room at the track. The background noises continue to play, but the Wii remote disconnects and I can't do anything other than hold down the power button to force a shutdown. I haven't found all of the secrets in the game, but everything else I've tried to do has worked fine with no problems.

Also, since I've already made a thread, I've noticed a couple of graphical glitches:

- At Marzipan's house after beating the game, the tiki torch on the right is normal and animates properly, but flame for the tiki torch on the left appears and disappears randomly.
- At the track after beating the game, if I wear the blue disk shirt, jeans, and socks (I don't know which if any of these in particular is causing it), I get a large, glitchy blue triangle near the sign. It doesn't happen when I'm wearing Strong Bad's usual clothes, or the Homestar costume.

For the graphical glitches I can obtain screenshots if necessary, but I'm more concerned about the game crashing. I want to hear what Coach Z has to say -- even if Strong Bad doesn't.

UPDATE: Based on the other Wii crash threads, I tried switching the Wii's video output from widescreen to standard, and that fixed it. I'd rather not have to do that, but that at least allowed me to hear the dialogue (which wasn't all that much anyway).

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