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What happened to Christa in The Walking Dead

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Is she dead? Is she alive? After the bandit situation?

  • You always hear a lone gunshot no matter if you try and hide or not. If you hide then Christa gets stabbed in the leg, gunshot, no struggle. I think she's dead personally.

  • Well the gunshot was a RIFLE if I remember correctly, the bandits had pistols. So I think that a different group killed Ralph the bandit, then seriously injured Victor the bandit(the one we saw at the river) and Christa either ran away or went with the different group, but Christa doesn't trust groups so...

  • Wow lets hope she joined a differnet group and will come back to clem

  • Wow you guys gave serious thnking into this, and it never perfect sense. Christa may have been saved by some other group that saw her escaping the bandits and she's with them now. That would be great, I never bought that "Christa was killed off camera" crap... But I guess it can be a messup by the sound effects team in the game... We'll have to wait and see ;) Christa runs being pursued by bandits, Someone is luckily near by and shoots one of them dead while the other escapes (the guy from the river escapes), Christa is now with her new groupthat later may got in a gun fight with carver's group makes sense to me ;)

    Now, Roman was dead there to, in wich group do you think he was? Carver's group of the other (being that Christa's new groip or any other...)

  • Tough question. I can see her being alive but if shes dead from the yell and gunshot, no harm done Telltale she hated us anyway.

  • I hope that she is alive, although that one gun shot made me a little nervous. I am hoping that in the next episode, Clementine finds Christa since the majority of the first episode she's trying to find her. Also, I'd like to get information on the baby. It's obvious that the baby died but how? What happened?

  • I don't believe she is dead. I mean, the loss of Omid was quite horrific, and I don't see why they would just kill her off. Maybe the bandits wanted to question her, see whether she came from a camp, had supplies and such? Shooting her suddenly doesn't give them any advantages. But this is The Walking Dead ... not sure why we enjoy suffering as much as this, haha.

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