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Now I remember why I hate PS3s

posted by The_Kenny_Among_Us on - Viewed by 172 users

Ok so I brought this PS3 about a year ago just to play The Last of Us ( and also, Telltales Jurassic Park )

Im now hoping to play the Left behind DLC, I pre orderd it the other day, Trid to download it at about 7AM, i was online while it updated so thought why not, It started downloading and got to about %18 pretty quickly then just slowed down, so i left it on and went sleep hoping it would be done when i woke up, it was, i start the game up, try and play it and its telling me to download it for a second time, and it its not even going fast now, I cant even play while its downloading because it stops...


also, whens episode 2 coming out?

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