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The 100% List

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Post here if you have completed the game to 100% and the time (Including Date) you did it if possible.

(The list from what I've seen (Not necessarily in the order of completion.)

1st: SBRules
2nd: Monkey-Man
3rd: TheMuntaMan (Me!) - 12th August. 7.30pm GMT+13
4th: Reverend Ted
5th: ClareMonster - 12th August. 2.14am PST
6th: Cyberlink420 - 11th August 10.58pm EST
7th: NNoah - 12th August 11.35pm EST
8th: SidGarcia - 12th August 6.30pm GMT+2
9th: MaxFan - 12.05pm PDT
10th: Strong Ad - 4pm EDT
11th: Someguyfromazoo - Sometime, lol
12th: Mhaley
13th: Dangerzone
14th: Strumstar Hammer - 13th, 9.08am EST
15th: Strong Sam and Max Bad - 12th, 8.10 Pacific time
16th: Weeblerjake - 13th, 10.10am EST
17th: Shambling Corporate Poster - 12th, 11.32 am CST
18th: Anglerush - 12th, 9am EST
19th: Bobeo - 13th. 12pm
20th: Rather Dashing
21st: Tank Girl
22nd: mr nutt - 13th, 9.03pm
23rd: Just some guy - 7.30pm
24th: superczar

Post below if you join these ranks:)

Any chance this could maybe be stickied?

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