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Didn´t like the demo.

posted by frxxie on - last edited - Viewed by 152 users

Ok, so i only played the demo. And reading from this board everybody is saying it is soooo great. I´m going to buy the game and play through it so i can really get into the whole thing.

But playing through the demo didn´t capture me at all. And find it a bit dull actually. Unlike Sam & Max where you don´t know where you are going next, running around in Strong Badia isn´t what i call fun. Also some of the jokes was lame.

And it didn´t have a "feel" to Bone or Sam & Max. Well, it is still early in the series and i haven´t even played through one episode i hope episode 1 will change my oppinon or else i will have to find other games to play since Sam & Max season 3 will probobly not be out until 1 year (sigh!) and Bone is cancelled (double sigh!).

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