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Getting sick of people defending the Telltale delays...

posted by timmymacnj on - Viewed by 4.9K users

I have been lurking on here for a while, never had anything of substance enough to register an account. After following the thread waiting on episode 2 release info, I am amazed at how people can continue to defend telltale and their blackout policy as far as info goes. As a customer, how they put together their product is not my problem. I purchased a season pass under the impression we would get timely releases. Like many others, this is the sole reason I purchased a season pass. The real issue I find is the complete lack of disclosure. I would be ok with the delays if they had some intern shill on twitter/FB giving real updates - "Sunday, Week 8- experiencing some unexpected shadow issues, and triple running betas to ensure you dont lose your save files like season one", etc...

People LOVED season one, and many people seem to be understanding to begin with, so I fail to see how alienating customers by essentially making the game seem like vaporware is a good business strategy. I am sure I will enjoy Season 2 if and when the rest comes out, but I already know they have lost significant sales from myself and friends. I don't follow The Wolf Among Us comic, and I was prepared to purchase that upon completion of season due to the quality of Walking Dead, and I was even more looking forward to their Game of Thrones adaptation, both of which I will be avoiding at all costs now. People can guilt me all they want and go on about how quality equals delays, but don't you dare act like you are doing me a favor by giving me the product that I paid for.

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