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SBCG4AP (PC version) crashes

posted by jozabad on - last edited - Viewed by 98 users

I just installed Homestar Ruiner today and I've had two problems. The first was when I tried to play Teen Girl Squad, after they girls said "Soooo good!" the game just hanged there while the music continued to play, and then I got booted to the desktop. The second time was when I tried to go to the track -- the game froze as Strong Bad was walking in, and then my computer rebooted. After my computer recovered from the error, it said that my video card may need a newer driver, but I already verified that I had the latest driver last week (ATI Radeon 9200). I'm running it on Windows XP.

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  • First of all, try redownloading the game and reinstalling it. Don't delete your save files or anything, but it is possible that your installation is corrupted.

    If you graphics drivers are up to date, try updating DirectX (if you didn't already during installation). Failing that, try updating your sound card drivers.

    If none of that works, you may want to consider using Omega's ATI drivers. They are third party drivers, but they have fixed various problems that people have reported over the years. I trust them pretty well by this point.

  • I've managed to complete the main game with only a couple of crashes -- they seemed to just be random -- but now it crashes every time I try to start the extended play mode. I'll try reinstalling.

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