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The Episode 3 Slide

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Has anyone noticed that the image on the slide for 'Episode 3' of the Wolf Among Us has changed? It's now changed to Bigby chasing down a car (presumably Crane's) - What do you guys think of this image? Also does this suggest further that the games storyline had to take some drastic changes?

  • Yeah, it wasn't hard to notice, but that's clear evidence that story has been rewritten, but not completely. I presume that's why it took so long to release second episode. I wish I knew what exactly has been changed.

    • But in this case, shouldn't we assume Ep 3,4 and 5 had to be rewritten to some extent as well? Regardless, i hope they tell us exactly what changed after S1 is over.

      • I think we should, because for instance Bigby was supposed to transform into a werewolf in 2nd episode and as you can see transformation will occur in 3rd (or maybe later, "Next time on..." might work different than in TWD). Everything has been changed in some degree, but game is still awesome, at least in my opinion, and there's nothing to complain about yet.

        • I agree. About the whole preview thing, at first i thought TT would've kept teasing us with Bigby's supposed transformation til episode 5. But the achievements for ep 3, namely "Huff&Puff" and "Severe Case of Lycanthropy" lead me to believe otherwise. I also think ep 2 was great! Sure, people may have had bigger expectations(the 4 month delay is definitely a big factor in this) but i was ok with it. We still got 3 episodes ahead of us and i'm really looking forward to them!

      • Technically, Telltale can rewrite episode 2 and still match it up to episode 3 as long as episode 2 ended in roughly the same spot. In this case, seems 2 and 3 got almost total rewrites, but since episode 4's and 5's slides didn't change, episode 3 likely ended in the same spot it did originally. Possibly episodes 4 and 5 got rewritten to an extent, too. Depends how much Brannigan was to play into the later episodes. Seems her part was largely in 2 and 3 so 4 and 5 didn't need a rewrite to remove her.

        All Telltale did was keep the destination but change the journey in each episode. You can experiment with that by telling people to all write a story with the exact same ending. How they get to that ending is up to them to puzzle out. No one will come up with the same story but should have the same ending (if they followed instructions). It's the same thing if you tell people to drive to a location and everyone has the same starting point. Chances are, not everyone will take the same route ... as long as multiple routes are available.

  • Well, now I wonder why this transformation occurs and also why Mr. Toad is a witness of this... Maybe it's just me, but his voice sounds a bit evil, dark and ironically in a preview. And I also can't wait to play the rest of the game! I can say I'm impatient about it.

  • Can bigby control himself in the werewolf form?

  • Perhaps TTG decided to reduce Branigann's (I'm sure that's written wrong) appearences.

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