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Disappearing Strongbad please help

posted by mattman93 on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

My game was working fine untill after I gave marzipan the chocolate but now whenever i go to the house of bad strong bad disappears, whenever i try to go inside or click the box he just says "awesome" or something along those lines. I put on the homestar costume and it just shows a floating head and star.

PS i have the wii version of the game and i tried updating the wii, unpluging it, and switching to fullscreen

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  • I have the exact problem. Can't do anything now...

  • Hey guys, we are currently looking into this problem. Unfortunately, the only real "fix" is to load a save from before Strong Bad vanished from the house.

    I'd love your help trying to track this down, as we have only had a very small handful get this problem and we can't recreate it here. Are you both playing on the Wii? Did you ever access the map directly from the Lappy (as it without actually leaving lappy)? And if so, do you remember when and how?

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