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Kenny's future (Just for fun)

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Again. This is just for fun and in no way do I think this will really happen.

Clementine pushes past her group to find Kenny standing there and mutters the famous line: "I thought you were dead." Kenny had been wandering aimlessly after the events of season 1.

Kenny joins Clem's group and he seems to be doing fine. He even meets a woman who he eventually falls in love with (we'll call her Lucy). A series of more bad luck, more death to people that he grows close to (especially Lucy). Kenny finally loses it.

Clementine walks into a room to find a shaved Kenny (head and mustache) working at a tool bench.

"Kenny" Clementine calls out.

The camera starts to pan to an overhead shot of Clementine and then slowly moves over Kenny.

"Kenny's gone... and I suggest that you get out of here... NOW!"

The camera then moves completely over Kenny to show the tool bench. On the bench there is a roll of barbed wire and a baseball bat.

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