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Replay theatre/cinema mode

posted by Twelvetrees on - Viewed by 727 users

Before Episode Two came out I was sitting down for a playthrough of Episode One, and realised that I couldn't be confident that I could play the episode exactly as I had the first time. I use the first playthrough as the 'real' playthrough so I can make mistakes just like in real life.

So I thought that a replay theatre would be a good feature to add so we can refresh ourselves on what we chose, outside of the big choices we all remember (Gren's arm, Woody or Dum). The complicated nature of this series means that our small choices may matter and I don't want to treat somrbody in a way that's inconsistent with my first save because I got mixed up over which save I behaved what way in.

It would be useful to be able to see exactly how we played.

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