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Securom what?! :(

posted by elcheezy on - last edited - Viewed by 665 users

OK, I've done the forum searches. I've tried the processexplorer fixes and whatnot, and that doesn't help. Why Telltale, why?

I bought Sam n Max season 1. I bought Sam n Max season 2. I thought I'd try out this Strongbad game for funsies, and if it was good (almost assuredly so), I'd buy that too.

Downloaded the Strongbad demo, installed, ran it... bam, securom check. WHY are you doing this now!? What a terrible idea, in the day an age when the public are raging about DRM on mp3's, and intelligent companies all over the world are ditching it - you go and slap securom on your new stuff?

I've already jumped through a number of hoops trying to get this demo working - not gonna happen it seems. If you ask me to change registry entries, uninstall stuff, update some weird Microsoft apps I didn't even know existed, and force me to waste my time for who knows how long, then damn... sorry guys, it's been a fun ride, but I don't think our relationship is going to work out. Such a dealbreaker... I hate to use use an old cliche, but: "It's not you, it's m-" wait, no, it is you.

No doubt you're going to securom-up any new Sam n Max stuff too, if it comes? Och laddy, what a shame. Guess this is the end, then. It was good while it lasted - you seemed so nice - I'm honestly surprised things got this draconian. :(

Farewellllllllll.... I hope securom's poetic, empty promises and steely frowning gaze fills the void you're feeling.


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