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mystery evidence

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First of all let me say HELLOOOO to everyone!

now let's cut to the chase.

my question is about evidence collection.

i've allredy completed the first games (the "old ones") as well as the three that came later on (dark motives, miami and another titled CSI)

now i have just got hard evidence (which i have not yet loaded) and i am on the beginning of the 4th case in "3 diamensions of murder"

let me just say that i like to "take my time" with this game and look arround as much as possible.

the 2nd and 3rd case though when closed i checked with the statistics. to my surprise i saw that i had missed one evidence on each case.

is there something you now about it?

is it some mysterious evidence i should imagine is somewhere?

i would start over but who knows if i will remember which is which..

ranking is ok though (no hints-master) but still i have collected 56 out of 57!!!!

how can this be?

in case 3 in particular the only thing that comes to mind is the tomato jar.

Although i took the blood dna scrub i could not find ANYTHING on it. yet it would not be tagged as "done"...

i searched and searched the bottle but nothing would come up....

if anyone knows please tell me.....

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