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SBCG4AP Demo needs activation?

posted by Jeshi on - last edited - Viewed by 282 users

So I downloaded and installed the DEMO of SBCG4AP to try it out and when it's finally installed I click run and it says that there was an error with activation and I need to contact customer support, then after I close the window it opens back up again, I close that and it goes away, I tried multiple times with the same result.

Now, it was a very VAGUE error message, all it said was "There was a problem with activation please contact customer service" or something along those lines.
I proceeded to uninstall the demo.

If I could know why this happened and how to fix it I'll probably reinstall the demo and if its fun I'll most likely buy the game.

BY THE WAY, although it's irrelevant, Telltale has recently released Sam&max season one on Steam, do you intend to release SBCG4AP on Steam as well?(if so I'll probably hold out for that since I prefer Steam's DRM over SecuROM any day)

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