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Please Wait, logging you in... problem (S&M 201)

posted by FVSSlovenia on - last edited - Viewed by 292 users

i have a problem by running the game, everytime i run it it just shows me this screen: prob1.jpg

clicking does not work anywhere, so I tried scrolling it, and I discovered this:

Now I have searched forums and faqs and i haven't found anything so please help!

Oh, and the game is that free subscription version.

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    A few questions:

    Are you running any web security software? Something like Mcafee or Norton?
    Is scripting/javascript enabled for Internet Explorer?
    What version of Internet Explorer do you have installed?

    I'm asking for Internet Explorer specifically as that's what the wrapper uses to display it's content, regardless of what your default browser is. There isn't a way for us to embed other browser engines so we have to get Internet Explorer up to date and running.

  • ok, I just checked with IE7 and it seems javascript ain't working and I think I know what to do...


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