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Activation/Installation issue

posted by Ravenrex on - last edited - Viewed by 120 users

I bought the Strongbad game as a gift for my wife and she downloaded and installed it fine on her computer.

I wanted to check it out so I installed it from the same file she downloaded and was going to see if the activation allowed for a second installation.

When I launched the game all that happens is that a taskbar item pops up that I assume is an IE window and it says that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I cannot maximize the window to get any further information about it and the game itself does not launch at all.

1. Is it permitted with the activation to have 2 installations in the same household for this game?

2. What is going on if this is an activation problem.

IE is not my default browser, but I do have it updated to version 7.
Thank you for any assistance with this issue.

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  • Hi Ravenrex,

    I just responded to your support email, but in case anyone else sees this thread and is wondering, it is absolutely fine to activate the game on multiple computers. The problem you're having isn't related to activation. It's probably related to some setting in IE, which is what's used to display the launcher for our games.

    I assigned your ticket to Doug, one of our web developers, who will hopefully be able to help figure out what's going on.

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