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We have posted a survey to get customer feedback on various issues concerning Telltale's games. If you have a minute, please fill it out, so we can be sure to keep giving you what you want. :D

Click here for the survey!

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    Mission accomplished.
    Diduz (Italy)

  • I thought the most interesting question was 'do you want games monthly 2-3 hours gameplay for $10, or 3-4 monthly 5-6 hours gameplay for $12.99 (paraphrasing slightly).

    Personally I think the 3-4 month option suits me best, not only financially but also in that each episode being twice as long gives more scope for storytelling (IMO).

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    Personally I think the 3-4 month option suits me best, not only financially but also in that each episode being twice as long gives more scope for storytelling (IMO).[/quote]

    I agree, I think that the actual model (which Bone 2 represents) is the way to go. Shorter games would be too narrow in terms of story.
    Diduz (Italy)

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    I too think that the play time / price ratio question was the most interesting of the questions, and to me the most important one, because that's the exact reason, why I haven't purchased the games yet.

    When I remember the days of "Monkey Island", or "Day of the Tentacle"... those games cost me 40 bucks, and I had around 40 hours of pure gaming fun with them. A clear 1/1 ratio.

    That ratio would fit perfectly for episodic games... 5 to 6 hours of gaming... $ 5,99... bought! With a new episode getting released every 4 - 6 months this would be the absolute MUST BUY for me.

  • Haha yeah that would be great, but how is that going to happen? Six months of production and selling the game for six bucks? Besides which, I don't see how Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle is 40 hours long.

  • And is 40 bucks in 1993 worth the same as 40 bucks in 2006?

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    With figuring out the puzzles and havon all the dialogues you could easily fill 40 hours with each of those games... but all right, let's go for $10 per episode... am I too cheap here?

    It's just, playtime-wise they're still a little too short for the given price...

    I really don't want to sound cheap, and of course, it wouldn't hurt me to pay that amount, but that's the actual question in the survey, right?

    5 hours of game play (as in "Cow Race") = $ 9,99

    That'd be something I could get happy with.

  • I just don't think it's possible to make a game the size - and quality - of The Great Cow Race, sell it for $5.99 and be able to stay in business. So yes, in the nicest way possible I would say you're being cheap. $12.99 is perfectly reasonable Bone 2. And Monkey Island just isn't 40 hours, and no I'm not assuming you're using a walkthrough or are replaying the game (obviously). Bone has dialog trees to exhaust as well.

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    Mh... probably I was just too stupid finishing those games faster ;)

    Still, I think $12,99 is OK for having the thing boxed/cased (is there actually a verb to "case"?) and on CD... but for having it as a download-only game $10 seems appropriate to me. (although I guess I'll buy them for $12,99 now that I have to)

    Plus: I'm not cheap. :p

    Anybody from TellTale here to back me up? I guess not...

    EDIT: Now, thinking about it... I really DO come off cheap... and actually I should be supporting TellTale, now that they're developing these games so close to the actual customers (or "fans", to make it sound less marketing-oriented, which is in fact more appropriate). You might wonder if lightning has struck me, and actually, yes. So, I think getting the download-versions of these games is just the right thing to do. I can still do covers for the games myself (OR TellTale could actually offer covers for download :D ).

    I'm not cheap.

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