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Think Telltale should try big budget Next Gen Game?

posted by Markd4547 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.1K users

I feel Telltale have potential to be one best game developers and quality of game made with such small budget was incredible after joke that was walking dead survival instinct i think is gap in market for game like this after TLOU think telltale have quality to make a game of this standard or better and now have resources.

From reading complaints see main one saying lack of exploration, short length and the excuse has been story branching.

If made big budget game could fit everything in without restrictions open game up to wider audience look at quantic dream games of this standard sell big and win awards definitely double sales

I would pay full 60 price on release if they tried lol

Know telltale think make game with low memory to fit all platforms to maximize profit but feel telltale really have something special and making games of low memory leads to restrictions on gameplay in s2 and story in s1 was quality but decisions had small effect so try to fix this in s2 they pulled back gameplay to have more story branching. Big budget game you could expand on exploration, story branching, gameplay etc seriously think these games deserves to have crack at best titles around.

Just an opinion think games are already quality on low budget but just excites me the potential of game could make if they tried big budget game only restriction will be their imagination

Also want Ps4/PC telltale classic game which includes sam and max, back to the future, TWD s1 etc having all previous classics in one game as ps4/pc has memory to do it feel big profit would be made

Whats your personally opinion?

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    TWAUbigby85 BANNED

    Think telltale next gen game great idea can only see positives they will be able to improve all all aspects of game and make great game look at COD same game every year awful and still sells well Telltale game nextgen game would be cool as lack of quality games on next gen sell like hot cakes and be brilliant

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I like Telltale games the way they are as they are different than all the AAA title companies because they focus of stories and character development over fancy graphics and copycat FPS style games.

    • Yeah but don't mean change whole game bigger budget would allow them to expand every aspect of game still focusing on story and character developement

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        OzzyUK Moderator

        More money for more staff could help them make the games faster and with a possibility of more story branching, i do like some of the bigger budget games with good story like Bioshock Infinite but i also like to play something different and slightly slower paced than constant shooting, for me that is where Telltale fills the gap with their character rich story driven point and click style games which are slightly more relaxing, i don't want them to turn great games like TWD into a clone of a game like TLOU.

        • Make great points but don't want TLOU clone want walking dead game just extended gameplay, qtes, puzzles, story. decisions having more effect, character development and add more depth and quality to each without having worry in back of your head to not make game to big to not fit all platforms could make greatest game of all time. on side note Bioshock infinite was so epic blew my mind so intelligent

  • Well, aiming for the AAA market is no easy task. A huge majority of gamers wants games mechanics that doesn't quite fit the "Telltale Style", so It could be a problem.

    But, if TT is willing to change their mechanics a little for broader audiences, it could disapoint some old fans who would say: "I miss the good old Telltale", but on the other hand, a change in mechanics would improve sales and satisfy the "CoD players" (no offense, of course).

    Going for the AAA market also means clear release schedule, something that hasn't been working for TT on the last couple of months...

    • True thanks for comment good points heavy rain proved can mold this sort of game and still sells also read only had episodes releases because could'nt afford to make next one so after made profit from first use it make second so that was business decisions till TWD needed 100,000 to break even and sold over 21 million so can do it now. I like for them to continue schedule but try one big budget game and see how the fans react

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      Jennifer Moderator

      I used to think that a Telltale AAA title wasn't possible, but Telltale already did change their mechanics a little once for broader audiences with The Walking Dead, so it could be possible (but probably only when they expand to a large enough team so they can focus on both episodic games and one AAA game at the same time). The interesting thing with the situation with The Walking Dead is it ended up like you said, they did alienate some gamers who missed the good old Telltale, but they gained a lot of new fans and praise from critics alike with that change.

      I think it would be great if they could alternate between old and new though (speaking as a long time Telltale gamer, both for their episodic adventure games (of which they haven't done since 2011, but I'd love to see more) and of any possible game with new game mechanics and those of the choice based story games of The Walking Dead/The Wolf Among Us).

      • Think with how telltale are constantly improving very logically get to point where need AAA game to fit in all the improvements future very exciting as gamer and fan of telltale. If can makes games of such quality on low budget imagine big budget just be amazing agree with everything you said and as gaming company surely the goal is make biggest and best product possible the ambition there. Talented game developers, staff and great writers are there they have all the ingredients. Also feel they deserve chance to make AAA title sony will help funding as exclusive really make one best games of generation

  • Telltale Games, an indie developer/publisher possessing an 'AAA' heart.

    While they're capable of producing a $60 chart-topper, means willing, I'd prefer their remaining faithful to episodic content -- it's who they are; what they're known for and how we, the fans, are given a period reserved for speculation and anticipation.

    Ideas --novel, interesting kinds-- implemented professionally inspire a following, especially when in spite of manpower and Franklin/Grant/Jefferson. Bottomless wells of funds actualize almost any drool-inducing dream, provided vision and management are accounted for, though it's at the risk of, what I view as, a 'perfected,' bought-out hollow. Although 'big-budget' and 'charming' aren't mutually exclusive terms, you've, from my viewpoint, an eye for labors of love that garner critical acclaim, in contrast with genuinely great titles, albeit heavily-backed, 'out of touch,' in a sense and, depressingly enough, unctuous, at times. Permutations exist; interrelations between contrasting traits do occur, but typically, the aforesaid, and similarly opposite, camps are decidedly xenophobic.

    I'm thoroughly impressed by expertly-crafted content generated by a wealth of novelty and heart 'on a budget,' e.g., economics, connections, etc. All the same, the previous statement, barring the obvious, rings true for any high-quality product from a corporate juggernaut, as well, yet it won't receive my 'empathy,' so to speak. I'd lack satisfaction in purchasing content for staff's sake. Consumer appreciation simply wouldn't be the same.

    Millions upon millions of eyes may not recall the infamous 'Telltale Pets' by name, but they're aware of their presence in the credits, regardless. Repeat voice talent to equal amounts of ears, too. I interpret a unique, almost 'homey' essence from it all.

    Appealing, ahead and ageless as is, I'd say.

  • They have a niche that they're good at, trying something else could be disastrous. Keep on doin what you do, Telltale. We love it.

  • I suspect that once TTG have proven themselves with Game of Thrones, which is very popular right now, they may decide to take some pool of veteran writers and work on something with what will then be current generation graphics, while occasionally overseeing what the new people are bringing to the table with the 'classic format' in an original domain. If I could choose anything to improve, I'd focus on character expressions and motion, as those things currently seem pretty stiff.

    Personally I'm not that interested in a TTG product that looks like a heavily modded Skyrim or something, mainly because they're so good at what they do, and if they just up and dropped video games and started an anthology of books one day I'd still be here discussing them. So, sure, make it look prettier if you want, but I think the main thing people want to see more of is a deeper system of choice with more gameplay variability to in turn create a higher replay value and, most importantly, maintain the reputation for incredibly detailed stories that can be talked about for years to come.

    • Agree with what said but not just for improved graphics from my perceptive like make something for 5 dollars but have finance to create something with 100 dollars you can make game better with gameplay, story branching etc improving a game to next gen standard not selling out but simply the ability to improve all aspects to better standard obviously improve a game to certain standard only operate on ps4 or pc. I want them still make games same way just be so cool if made one off game just test of high quality console game just be class

  • Fuck Cod & Fuck it's fan-base, They ruin everything.

  • I like Telltale games the way they are...

    They have a very...cozy feeling about them. I don't know how to explain it.

    Like, they do their games because they genuinely love it. Telltale strikes me as a very down-to-earth team. They never truly expected TWD to be such a huge success, what with how it literally went against every other game that had been coming out back then. They took a huge risk, and it paid off.

    They've always stuck with the lesser known VA's too, giving them a chance to shine, and look at how great they all did.

    I'd like them to keep telling us their tales, through good story, and not vain ultra-gen graphics.

    • I couldn't agree more :)

    • Huge risk used small budget no risk also were using highly rated tv show with millions of fans as name only needed 100,000 sales to break even so no risk

      1. Do games because generally love it before TWD dead they did back to the future and sam and max etc minute they started making big money concentrated on one genre of game all money

      2. Went against every game they ripped off heavy rain making TWD timed responses, QTES, movie based game, decisions changing story, even involved innocent child, exploration interaction, diaolgue choices robbed everything. was highly rated and won many awards credit where credit is due.

      3. Lesser V.A lets shine among poor games should not be the mentality lets try make best game possible the aim should be lets be the best of the best

      4. If played last of us, bioshock inifinite, beyond two souls, heavy rain even red dead you see improving your games to console standard improves your story and can make anything not be restricted to only have certain memory to fit all platforms. Not saying change game but maximize all it's strengths to highest standard possible

      Saying all this respect your opinion and in no way saying your wrong just matter of opinion

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        Jennifer Moderator

        @Markd4547 wrote:
        before TWD dead they did back to the future and sam and max etc minute they started making big money concentrated on one genre of game all money

        That's not true. Since The Walking Dead: Season One was released, Telltale's only released three other games. Two were like The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Wolf Among Us) and one game was not like it at all, their casual poker game Poker Night 2, which included Sam & Max and was a direct sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory and the spiritual sequel of their first game Telltale Texas Hold'em. Telltale's co-founder Kevin Bruner has also said (after the release of Poker Night 2) that they love Sam & Max and intend to use them in more small games like the Poker Night series, so it's clear that they still intend to release games in genres other than choices based story games like The Walking Dead.

        • Apologize on that one statement i don't have to much knowledge of that area of before TWD you do and obviously have more information about it so i agree be ignorant to challenge this with my depth of knowledge of that particular subject

  • A higher budget for the game will also mean players will have to pay a lot more money. Personally I think the game is one of the best hands down without this high budget and hi-tech stuff.

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