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How about a support forum for each game?

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Wouldn't it make sense to have a separate support forum for each game? Clearly, the reason people are posting technical support problems in the "general discussion" forums is that they are looking for a forum that pertains specifically to their game. There is a discussion forum for each game, yet all technical problems are amassed together in one catch-all forum, and it will only get sloppier as more games come out.
Personally, I hate having to post technical problems in a forum that isn't devoted specifically to the product in question.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. We used to have it that way, but since all our games use the same game engine, we found ourselves repeating answers. (Of course, now people just double post and we have to repeat the answers anyway... :o) I'm also not convinced that having a support forum for each game would prevent people from posting in the wrong place, but it's worth considering (especially now that we have games coming out on WiiWare, so for now any WiiWare issues are unique to the Strong Bad series).

    We're working on an updated support FAQ that will address the issues people are posting about most frequently, so that should hopefully cut down on some of the overlap.

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