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Season 3: The Same Old?

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 473 users


We've been to the street, the office, Bosco's and Sybil's for two seasons now, so how do you think these locations should be changed for the third season? Should Bosco's and Sybil's be changed completely, or would you be happy with minor changes? Would more items added to the office satisfy your need for change?

I personally think that all the locations I've suggested need a big revamp. If you think about it, when buying a sequel to a non-episodic retail game, you never expect to visit places you did in the first game. Take Monkey Island for example - you didn't visit the same place again in each game (except places such as the SCUMM Bar, but they had been fully redesigned to fit the graphical requirements of the game).

I'd probably be okay with the office changing to the same level as it did from season one to season two, because you hardly ever need to go in there, but for places that Sam & Max are often visiting I'd be pretty let-down if there wasn't something majorly different about them.

What about you?

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