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Your top 10 favourite video game characters and why

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This took me ages to do this thread so passionate about gaming once started talking about my fav characters couldn't stop.

Anyway if like this do top 10 least favorite characters spoiler ben going be in it

1. Ellie(TLOU Like Clem moved me to tears this story and all for this little girl not stereotyped i murdered hospital full of innocent people and Damned human race just see her smile again please everyone play just perfect, Puns, jokes, interesting stories, she courses she had it all like joel had nothing left to live for or no one left to care for. The things she experienced when saved joels life still hurt me to this day never grew so attached to character seeing the result of every event every scene change her as person whether it be negative or positive seeing the journey could never let them kill her just superb pacing gameplay story you name it naughty dog perfected it.

Alt text

2.Joel (Love Antihero like me will do anything for people he loves morals don't play apart if you dare to abuse, threaten or touch ellie any threat will be terminated all his decisions matched mine some say a villain to me perfect hero

Alt text

3. Clementine( The shining star in dark night my little Clem now my little Clembo(rambo + clem) Through lee guided this little girl on journey from innocent little girl to badass many tears were shed most people died but to me only thing ever worth saving was Clem and will always be thank you telltale for the beautiful gift that is clementine. Learned more from that little girl then taught her she made me better person.

Alt text

4.Lee (Again Anti hero ultimate story of redemption from killer with no morals and no future till Clem arrived and proved no such thing as evil person as deep down just needed something to fight for just bit of hope a silver lining in a evil world. When he found it in Clem he killed, lied, Stole even killed himself just see that little girl live one more day such great moral in story lee will live forever R.I.P

Alt text

5. Crash Bandicoot(The epic theme song always in my head everytime i think of crash so lovable first game played even as child taught wow all this evil trying to kill him just smiles jumps and spins and defeats all evil and not that smart really motivated myself that anyone can be hero just gotta be brave like crash

Alt text

6. Nathan Drake( Uncharted everytime play know going on epic adventure with constant explosions and action and smart one-liners through forests, in ancient tombs to helicopters chasing you just quality)

Alt text

7. Ezio Auditore( Assasins Creed Half time so intelligent i don't have clue what his saying but sounds cool becuase of him everytime i go out a night and no ones around feel like an assasin and hidden blade just epic story landscape epic) Nothing is true everything's permitted

Alt text

8. John Marston( Red Dead Remeption I felt like such gangster cowboy one best games ever played with john roaming lands on a horse finding answers and fighting best shots in town plus best ending ever many tears shed just if played know his the sh**)

Alt text

9. Alma(F.E.A.R this little girl is what nightmares are made of. As playing look around quickly and she standing behind you even typing this scared to look behind me now. This girl not just scary ghost she has powers like nuclear bomb and can possess you if see her game over. )

Alt text

10. James "Jimmy" Hopkins (Bully first game i completed New kid in school and faced my first enemie in gaming actually wanted to kill this kid basically i'm manipulated then set up by this kid. Sneak around hallways, play classes, innovative missions made by rockstar jimmy badass as ever just brilliant )

Alt text

11. Booker and Elizabeth( Bioshock Infinite i challenge anyone to explain this game takes intelligence to new level anyway Booker and LIz story of them two escaping the dictator of sky town but liz doesnt know booker just needs her to settle a debt but grown closer and big twist just beautiful story all so crazy and exciting bright colours Elizabeth so innocent to outside world not realizing evil world that wants to control her powers.)

Alt text

12.Jodie Holmes( I love Ellen Paige that should be enough throw in Point and click decisions game with spiritual elements but somehow remains realistic.This game has special place in my heart as Aidan spirit who helps Jodie SPOILER is actually her dead brother i relate to this and found it really sweet and emotional just beautiful. The struggles she had with her from birth feel like your are her angel guiding her to perfect life trying to keep her safe like clem. But when morals decisons you make or jodie get manipulated feel let her down. With monster spirits and explosions, HD graphics, Meaningful strory just epic

Alt text

13. Joker(city and asylum NOT ORIGINS) Evil Genius games really portray him perfectly especially in asylum make him always so close every mission just right there. But always one step ahead of you. But from personally point of view always related to joker physically a little girl could beat him up he has no magic or specials powers just determination and conviction. Yet rules villains and can just play with batman like his little kid true genius love fact he could kill batman at anytime but doesn't just all big game so badass. Final scene in city moved me to tears spoiler batman had antitode to jokers illness and was about to save him he knocks out of batman hands laughing. Batman says Kind of funny i could of saved your life Joker responses Hey that is kind of funny lays on ground laughing till he dies just breathtaking whey didn't he let me save him i'll never kill the Joker.

Alt text

Emotional moments in gaming thread

What's your top 10 list and Why please answer actually really interested free thumbs promise again apologies for grammar

Top 10 Game list

  • Right finished your top 10 characters and why i have more because few just couldn't leave out

  • 10) GLaDOS

    Alt text

    Full of Snarky and sarcastic humor, GLaDOS is a hilarious and surprisingly deep character. She guides Chell throughout Portal 1, with the promise of Cake, but in Portal 2, she got much more interesting and savage towards Chell, which I liked. Other than that, not much more to say.

    9) Conker the Squirrel

    Alt text

    I shouldn't have to say much here either. Conker is fucking amazing. This furry little prick makes his way through Conker's Bad Fur Day, a beautiful game, with few blemishes (Basically the war and horror sections, and that's it). All of the problems he has to solve throughout his game are solved humorously, whether it be to feed a mouse cheese until he explodes, or racing cavemen to get your cash back, it's always interesting. And Conker is the star of the show. If they had a Banjo type character, it wouldn't work nearly as well. A straight face in a dark world doesn't work for humor as well as a sarcastic and genuinely funny face does. Here's a sample of the games awesomeness:

    8) King Douchebag

    Alt text

    The one on the right. His main character trait is that he literally has no character traits. He doesn't talk, he doesn't emote, he doesn't even make sound when he gets hurt. He just stays silent and goes with it. My favorite Douchebag moment was when he was miniature, and he was fighting an underpants gnome underneath his parents making love. He then had to dodge his father's testicles to avoid being crushed. It was fantastic. I'd post a video, but as you'd imagine, I'd probably get banned.

    7) Roman Bellic

    Alt text

    The first serious entry on the list, Roman is definitely the absolute best character in GTAIV, and one of my all time favorites. There are so many good moments with the guy. Niko gets pissed at him a lot, but hey, who cares? One time, after bowling with him, I parked in an odd spot, where he had no way to get out on his side, so he decked me in the face, threw me out of the car, and screamed, "MINE NOW!" Befor exiting himself and saying, "Take care, cousin!" That was probably the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen. And that's not going into the depths of his character, which I would go into, but I feel you know that already.

    6) Jack Kelso

    Alt text

    Jack is a clever bastard from L.A. Noire. You play as him for the final portion of the game. Now, while the final mission was extremely disappointing, I loved how the guy connects with the world around him. He doesn't seem like a robot like Phelps does. He seems like a real dude in a real world.. That is, until he gets his hands on the flamethrower. Then it becomes an action movie. Even before you play as him, he's featured in many flashbacks, where he's shown to surpass Cole in character as well as likability.

    5) Herschell Biggs

    Alt text

    Another very well characterized person from L.A. Noire. He is Cole's final partner in the game, and is definitely the most characterized one. He starts off disliking Cole, but after hearing the other officers verbally abuse Phelps, Biggs starts to warm up to him, and starts defending him. He is resistant to Phelps' idea that the arson cases are all connected until he finally gets proof, then he's all for going after the villains behind it. Other than that, I like how he actually is experienced with his job. At least moreso than the other partners Cole can get throughout the game.

    4) Doug

    Alt text

    I don't want to say too much about Doug because I've defended him long enough. He's the best developed character of the Walking Dead Game, behind only Nick and Ben. I fucking love Doug.

    3) Link (Wind Waker)

    Alt text

    No idea why I like this one so much. I guess I just love how he has so much character crammed into no words. He gestures, grunts, and shouts, but he has no lines. And I really like that. Something about this Link and the adventure he goes on just captures me in a way few others do.

    2) Rucks

    Alt text

    Rucks is a complex character in his own right, but his most notable feature was his unique way of narrating the game Bastion. He had his own style he put to words, and he spoke them just at the right time. It was hard not to love this guy. Especially towards the end of the game, his narration started getting better and better, and better. I can't really explain it without spoilers, so play the game yourselves.

    1) Nick

    Alt text

    Seeing as we're on a TWD forum, with this guy's best episode fresh off the platter, I won't say much. He's the best developed character in the whole game. Hell, the whole series. Not even Lee got as great of development as Nick. Best part is, for most of us, he has more to come.

  • 10) Altair Alt text

    9) Faith Jumping off building to grab onto helicopters, run in the ledge of a scaffhold 50m off the ground with a bunch of cops shooting at you, I love Mirror's Edge. And it's all thanks to Faith we can do super parkour stuff you rarely see.

    Alt text

    8) Corvo I had a blast playing Dishonored. You had millions of different ways to complete missions (rooftops, alleyways, etc.). After being set up for illing the Empress, I just felt super powerful taking revenge on those who betrayed me. Not to mention that Corvo is able to teleport, stop time, possess animals and humans, summon swarms of rodents and create small tornados.

    Alt text

    7) The Lone Wanderer Exploring the ruins of Washington, looting destroyed schools and factories, killing Raiders, bartering with traders, ah...good times. All of this in the company of The Lone Wanderer

    Alt text

    6) Elizabeth and Booker Bioshock Infinite's ending was the biggest mindfuck ever. Booker was a character that was perfectly built, and we always had our wingman Elizabeth.

    Alt text

    5) Joel and Ellie At the beginning it was nothing, but the Parent/Child relatione these two developed really got to me. Not to say, that Joel SPOILERS slaughtered an entire hospital and destroyed the future of humanity just to let Ellie live.

    Alt text

    4) Alex Mason Bring on the hate Call Of Duty haters! But seriously, I really liked the trio of Black Ops. I almost threw my remote of my PS3 at my screen when I saw that SPOILERS FOR BLACK OPS 2 that the "Menendez" I killed was actually him.

    Alt text

    3) Bigby Who in the hell could forget the Big Bad Wolf? Just like GTA, you can steal dough, get b*tches, fight people, as Bigby cannot be calmed.

    Alt text

    2) Nuke Bromance going on here.

    Alt text

    1) CLEEmy Dat end of Season 1 dough...

    Alt text

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    Nice list and descriptions i actually agree

  • Well, there was this guy that was named to be "The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century" that i really admired:

    Alt text

  • 10) Carl Johnson Alt text

    9) Corvo Attano Alt text

    8) Artyom Alt text

    7) The Last Dragonborn Alt text

    6) Jack (Bioshock) Alt text

    5) Shepard Alt text

    4) Clementine Alt text

    3) Bigby Alt text

    2) Booker DeWitt Alt text

    1) Lee Alt text

    Damn, what a difficult list. I even think it's not 100% true.

  • Eh... Why not.

    10. Jacket - Hotline Miami:


    The masked protagonist of Hotline Miami, a professional killer who receives mysterious phone calls to slaughter Russian mobsters, he's not completely inhumane, but how good of a man can you be when you slaughter people for a living? This character is great, because you never really learn his story. The whole game is him trying to remember what happened while in a dreamlike state, so you never learn his name, learn why he's doing the things he does, and he never even see him talk. His story is just told through actions, and he is a surprisingly great character.

    9. "The Group" - Botanicula:


    These are some of the silliest/cutest characters I've ever seen in a game. This group of characters work as one to try and plant a new seed for their dying home, a giant tree. All of them help on this quest, and they're all amazing.

    8. Gnome - Samorost Series:


    Samorost was actually the first game I ever played, so this is less "look how great this character is" and more he's the first video game character I ever encountered so I have to put him on the list.

    7. Jeremiah Devitt - The Last Door Series:


    Though incredibly pixelated, Devitt is one of my favorite characters in the horror genre. An english nobleman who receives a letter from an old friend that leads him down a very dark "rabbit hole" as it were, Devitt is naturally inquisitive, and will do whatever it takes to solve the mystery. Someone who appreciates philosophy beyond all else, he is very smart, and also knows enough to both fear, and respect the unnatural.

    6. Elizabeth & Booker Dewitt:


    Time for some more "conventional" choices. First off, I'm counting it as one character because they kind of go together. Elizabeth and Booker are both incredibly well written and well developed characters. We see them build a bond together, and both go through their own progressions, with many plot twists along the way to change things up. I'm sure I don't actually need to explain much, but I'll add two notes. One, I think i'm one of the only people who preferred Elizabeth's design at the beginning of the game, and I'm basically not going to list Joel & Ellie because I've listed these two. for me, it was one or the other.

    5. Bigby Wolf - The Wolf Among Us:


    Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown in The Wolf Among Us, he's a feared, and sometimes hated person, and he's not particularly "graceful" most of the tims. Most of the time, he can be downright brutal, but he gets the job done.

    4. Rucks - Bastion:


    The narrator of Bastion, Rucks is a fascinating character. He has some of the best dialogue(and acting) in any videogame. He is an experienced man, and a very smart one too. Working as soldier, an engineer, a builder, and also taking many other roles in life, before the Calamity, he started the build the Bastion, a safe haven for all. Now, working with the Kid, he's trying to rebuild the world, make it whole again.

    3. Lee Everett - Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One:


    I'm sure I don't really need to explain this one. Lee Everett, murderer and former History Professor is the caretaker of Clementine, and the "advisor" of the group. He is the one everyone looks to to make decisions, and his smarts make him a good survivor.

    2. Kenny - Telltale's The Walking Dead Series:


    Kenny is a good man with many flaws. His focus was his family, but after they died, he began a slow descent into madness. The leader of the first group(after Episode 3), Kenny is capable of making both moral and more practical decisions, and he is one of the best survivors in the series(as of Season Two).

    1. Clementine - Telltale's The Walking Dead Series:


    Again, completely self explanatory. Clementine is a shy, creative girl who learns to survive in the world of the Walking Dead. She tries to do what is right most of the time, and is underestimated by most people.

    • Those are some cool indie games. Do you prefer indie games more than the "mainstream" ones?

      • Well, I'm a huge fan of Amanita, as I said, Samorost was the first game I ever played. I think I was... six? Six or seven years old. Amanita is probably one of my favorite developers. Bastion is my favorite game ever, as a game that is. Counting video games as stories, I'd have to say TWD, but as a game(counting mechanics and such), it would be Bastion. Also, big fan of Supergiant.

        I don't consider myself as a fan of either Indie games or mainstream games. The thing is, I don't really play videogames for mechanics, gameplay, or anything like that. 80% of the time, I'll play games for the world, character, and/or story. For example, I'm playing Borderlands right now, but the thing I'm enjoying the most about it is the world itself, and the lore behind it.

        So Indie or mainstream, it doesn't matter so long as it's got a good story. That being said, Indie games tend to be more like that... So Indie games I guess for a short answer.

    • Once saw Zyphon comment knew get great depth in answer and was'nt disappointed very original list i can comment on few

      Hotline Miami Completed that on Vita again surprising choice quality game with unbelievable gameplay the graphics not great but remineded me of old school games and why loved them so much just pure entertainment that game. But as favorite character i'm surprised as for myself in story's had so much fun but didn't have clue what was going on so didn't really appreciate character personally but nice choice.

      First appearance of kenny on users list love the character damaged soul who finds it hard to express himself in non aggressive manner but deep down just trys to be good a true hero to me and great choice

      • Okay, first off, the graphics in the game were incredible. It was a purposeful art decision, and it looks great.

        The story is actually really deep, each scene with Richard(Jacket), Don Juan(Jacket's Girlfriend), and Rasmus(Mobster) is just loaded with hidden messages and deeper meanings. Example, the "Questions" scene. One of them was the whole, "Do you like hurting other people?" thing. That eventually led into the storyline of Jacket's own brutality. Morality isn't really ever a question for Jacket, but eventually, all the killing makes it's way into his daily life. Seeing dead people everywhere, etc.

        That game has a couple different points in terms of plot. There's the deeper meaning behind Jacket's progression, and eventual descent. Him kind of drowning in all the brutality, and being unable to deny the joy he gets from taking anothers life, his growing blood thirst, etc.

        Then, there's the pure plot of it just being a crime drama. The masked vigilantes, the mobsters, the phone calls, if you pay attention, it all comes together eventually. you never really understand why, but it does. And then of course the betrayal of "Hotline Miami", which causes Jacket to search for vengeance, and then the Hotline just uses his thirst for vengeance to get him to accomplish their goals anyway.

        Oh, and then the whole conspiracy of the thing, which is moving into spoiler territory, but trust me, if you get the secret ending and figure it all out, it's mind blowing, and just going into the levels of being worthy of a film remake. Maybe by the guy who directed Drive?

        As for Jacket's character, I believe I've already said, it's interesting because his development and progression is done through other characters, and his own actions. He's a professional killer with very little morals, so how can you get worse than that. Well, Jacket gets a hell of a lot worse. He begins to live for violence and cruelty, and at the same times, he hates it. He fights it, and he thrives for it, and in the end, he just wants it all to stop, no matter what the cost.

        By the way, that game is like 6-8 hours, and I've got 52+ hours of it on steam... Take that for what you will.

  • 10) Batman (Arkham Series) Alt text

    9) Demi-Fiend Alt text

    8) Darth Revan Alt text

    7) Makoto Yuki Alt text

    6) Vivi Alt text

    5) Lloyd Irving Alt text

    4) Sora Alt text

    3) Commander Shepard Alt text

    2) Clementine Alt text

    1) Lee Everett Alt text

    • I love this list so creative haven't heard of few characters but find really interesting everyones choices are original and unique so cool. I can only really comment on Batman and Walking dead Clem and Lee.

      Picking batman very interesting personal found him like bland canvass when i was playing but see the attraction world class detective who's badass with cool story nice choice

      Clem and Lee first can't argue with that definitely see that nice choice

  • 1) Clem

    Alt text

    2) Ellie

    Alt text

    3) Lee

    Alt text

    4) Joel

    Alt text

    5) Nick

    Alt text

    6) Grey Warden from Dragon Age: Origins

    Alt text

    7) Nathan Drake

    Alt text

    8) John Marston

    Alt text

    9) Commander Shepard

    Alt text

    10) Kenny

    Alt text

    • Thanks Eddie all our choices are similar great minds think alike but comment on few know not on my list

      Nick and kenny who are very similar to me on first expression think there assh**** but once you get know them and they trust you find out they really nice people, honest and would risk their lifes for you great choices

      General shephard haven't played but heard ending sucked so bad on last game they released new ending but reviews all nines so must be class game with good character depth.

      Overall know from my list loving it but mixed in couple of surprising and unique choices i enjoyed this

  • Cool thread! I don't have much games with epic characters(seems Bioshock Infinite is getting picked a lot) but here goes. Was hard to order but anyway I tried...

    1:Lee and Clementine:The Walking Dead Game Alt text

    In a zombie apocalypse there was a convicted murdered named Lee. He finds a little girl named Clementine and they struggle to survive in this dark, crazy world. They face unspeakable horror around every corner but they find glimpses of humanity every now and then. Very good characters...

    2:Joel and Ellie: The Last Of Us Alt text

    They "Endure and Survive." Enough said :).

    3:Bigby Wolf:The Wolf Among Us Alt text\

    Hes a badass sheriff that's for sure!

    4:Edward Kenway:Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Alt text

    Well he was my favorite assassin anyway. Altair killed for redemption. Ezio for revenge, and answers. Connor for freedom and justice. But Edward was different because he killed for money.

    5:Pete and Chuck:The Walking Dead Game Alt text

    Alt text

    Sorry I put both but these men were awesome. Very wise and caring for the group. Both left us too quickly...

    6:Alex Mason:Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2 Alt text

    He went through a lot. His mind was really messed up but he got through it. Probably best COD character in my opinion. Spoiler Ahead. When they pulled "Menendez" out. I was like... somethings wrong?.. I tried to shoot the guys holding him but it wouldn't let me so I shot him in the head and when I pulled off the bag I yelled at the screen.

    7:Kerrigan:Starcraft 1 and 2 Alt text

    Really unique character. Was ditched on a planet full of alien and ended up being their queen.

    8:Ada Wong:Resident Evil Games Alt text

    Epic zombie slayer. Usually keeps her cool and who doesn't like crossbows?

    9:Cole Macgrath Alt text

    He's got lightning coming out of his hands! You get to be a goody two shoes or a bad boy.

    10:Daryl Dixon:The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Alt text

    Who doesn't like Daryl? The game wasn't that good but.. you know.

    • Made threads with a lot of likes but damn this thread i'm most proud of each comment so unique and cool so happy again another comment with unique characters. Again comment on few characters i know or haven't already mentioned

      Daryl Dixon: Suprising choice i have not played due to the awful reviews and ton of comedy video about the bugs but seeing as character voiced by actor himself who's class not suprised on the list

      Cole Mcgrath haven't completed but actually bought it yesterday and really excited to play after demo already saw Cole god among men love games like this like prototype where just feel so powerful as character who can just have no limits love this choice

      As for altair don't ask fellow assasin what i think of altair his part of the creed my personal favorite one and of course hardest game in genre just quality choice

      Pete and chuck again characters who had short lifespan but words of wisdom would last lifetime im ok with this

    • ...............Survival Instinct, are you serious?

    • Axel Mason huh? I put him in my list, and believe me, we have the same reaction of when I shot "Menendez".

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