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No answer from support

posted by jmm on - last edited - Viewed by 134 users

Hello there support people,
I sent an email to support last week (August 19th), got the auto-response email (issue 14401) but never got a proper response again (I checked the spam folder every day, so the email is not there)

Anyway, considering the amount of time that passed by and since my CC bill didn't show a charge on that day, I suppose it is safe to asume that no charge was made and the checkout process just crashed on me.

Still, it would have been nice to get an email with "The order didn't go through, please try again"

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  • Scott wrote back the same day you sent the email. I don't know why the auto response sometimes goes through and the actual response doesn't. :(

    Anyway, the email you sent didn't have any text in it (possibly due to it being an html email that our support system didn't like?) So we weren't aware of what the problem was. If you still need help, feel free to send me a PM and I'll look into the problem for you. (I'm off to PAX, though, so I'll only be online sporadically for the next few days.)

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