• I think hes definitely going to die (or otherwise be removed from the story) sometime during the last 3 episodes. He's a good character, but like another poster mentioned, there is only so much of him you can take.

  • I think he will die, unfortunately. More than 2 seasons alive for a character in The Walking Dead is a lot, but it could happen, who knows.

  • Yep. He'll die. This is the walking dead! The fact he's lasted this long is a miracle in itself. He's lasted longer than everyone else so his time is running out.

  • We have a saying in Kurdish, "martyrs never die"(meaning they keep on living in ones' memories). Lee never dies neither will Kenny.

  • If he does die, I want him to die next to a pile of salt licks...

  • I think Kenny will die in this season when we least expect it, probably after doing something awesome just to kick the players feelings.

  • I love Kenny, he was my favorite character from season 1. However, I do think he will die this season. I can see a couple different scenarios playing out.

    1. There is a determinant choice between saving Kenny or Luke in episode 3 or early episode 4. Probably Carver holding a gun to someone's head, or something similar to Carley/Doug. I would HATE this because I love both characters, but I admit it would be a memorable decision to make.

    2. Kenny goes completely off the deep end and we or someone in our group has to "take care of him." I don't think this would happen in a malicious way, kinda more of a twisted "put him out of his misery" kinda way.

    3. Kenny sacrifices himself for the greater good of the group, similar to what he did in season 1, but with closure this time.

    If Kenny does die this season, I hope his death has meaning and closure. The poor guy deserves it.

    • I would like to see some sort of acceptance on Kenny's part. Like, for instance:

      Luke, Kenny, and Clementine arrive at Wellington only to find out that the city has been overrun by walkers. While fleeing from the walkers, they get trapped (somehow). Kenny looks around before seeing a dumpster. He gets Luke and Clementine to get inside, giving Clementine a smile before looking to Luke and saying something like, "Take good care of her, kid." Clementine can ask Kenny what he's doing, and he says that someone has to draw the walkers away from the dumpster so that Luke and Clem aren't trapped inside. Before Clem gets to say anything, Kenny runs off, making a lot of noise, drawing the walkers towards him. For closure, you would later find Kenny as a half-eaten walker or something.

  • I think clem will have the option to save luke or him

  • My ideal scenario

    Clem - "Kenny, are you asleep or are you dead? Oh well, can't take the risk." * Saltlicks Kenny's head *

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