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Thoughts on Episode 2

posted by Kirbinator93PC on - Viewed by 417 users

I couldn't play this episode for 2 weeks and I finally got done with it last night, so I apologize for making a whole thread about my opinion but since I haven't posted in 2 weeks I thought it could be justified. ** OPINIONS EXPRESSED ARE MY OWN ** Anyways,

The episode moved just a little too slow for my liking. Especially because it felt at least like a relatively short episode. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode, but I would say out of the seven this one ranks near to the bottom.

I really enjoyed seeing Kenny back. I did. For those who know I thought and still think the only realistic option was Lilly but alas I am fine with Kenny. I was glad to see him back. Telltale didn't do a great job of explaining when I asked him about it and he replied "i got lucky" but like I said overall i like having Kenny back for now.

SPOILER * I had to replay a part because Carver killed Alvin and I feel as though I could have played where he wouldn't, so I replayed and decided to come out from the beginning and now Alvin is alive. I like Alvin, BUT I must say if this is any indication Alvin will die next episode. Overall, Episode 2 really had no "surprises" in it : 80 % of the forum knew Kenny was likely to return, we all knew Pete was a goner, and a lot of us expected Rebecca has Carvers baby.

I am not complaining about the episode because I liked playing it, however like I said above I knew everything that was coming unfortunately so it did for me at least take the "wow" factor out of the game. For example, I knew it was Carver at the door because of the trailer so I wasn't shocked. Looking ahead the next trailer really didn't show much so hopefully I will be shocked next time.

I did like the part with Bonnie, because it tied the camp back to it all. Especially because in 400 days it is really easy to get Bonnie to go.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing but I thought there could have been more shock value. I like having Kenny back and it will be fun to see how things go with him. Another thing I really liked about this episode was that the choices seemed like they did matter. If you chose to go outside there is a high chance you lose Alvin. Anyways out of a ten Ill give it a 6. Thought it will set up well for next episode.

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