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What was she going to say?

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When Bigby and Snow were in the taxi (episode 1) and when they both ended up talking simultaneously, Snow said "I just wish there was-" before they were both cut off. I'm curious on what she was gonna say. If it was something like "other ways to help Fables/stop prostitution" or something like that, then surely she would confide that to Bigby and she talks about it a second later anyway. XD Things like this bug me. Share your guesses:).

  • Probably this:

    "... A way to avoid this /change things."

    Or something like that.

    What I think she was gonna say:

    "...A way for Telltale to make us smooch or something in the game "





  • doesn't she say it if you stay silent? i was thinking that was the way to hear it

  • I thought up a few lines to make it realistically fit with her dialogue concerning episode 1 or the Fables universe, enjoy!

    "...a way for us to help Fabletown without me and Boy Blue herding our friends out the office door all the time."

    "...some way for us to help Beauty and Beast with their financial problems, somehow."

    "...a way for you to quit that damned smoking habit, especially when you're in my apartment, Bigby."

    "...some way where we could've saved Lawrence, he could've had answers, Bigby!"

    "...a way for Toad Jr. to not experience all of this, it scars kids like him!"

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