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Is it right to make up fake methods in gettin something in a video game?

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I have recently been on another adventure game forum and was curious if it is in good fun to post fake information about a secret in any new computer game just to have a laugh?

Someone on the Quest for Glory II forums has found a major easter egg, but gave out a ridiculous way to reach this egg. He also posted pis of the egg. The method is a hoax, but the egg is real.

The hoax has frustrated a lot of gamers who followed the hoax as oppose to goin with the actual clues embedded in the remake. I wasn't fooled into it, but I feel sorry for those who spent hours readin the fake as oppose to go with the clues in the game.

I am wonderin if it right to hoax other ppl in makin up a method that makes them go out of the way to find something in any game just to have a chuckle?

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  • I would say if you do, make it an extremely far fetched hint.That way no one will take it seriously.

  • If making up fake methods in getting something in a video game is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

    Err... I mean, no. I hate being led on wild goose chases.

  • Unlocking Toad in smash bros.:
    play 666 battles with 2 human players, fox only, no items final destination, then beat 67 thiongs in cruel mode,
    the reset the game,
    then eat a pudding pop,
    then abort the game while playing,
    then break the disc,
    then put it together again with crazy glue'
    eat another pudding pop,
    then when you put the game back in there will be peter griffen being carried by Bugs Bunny,
    he will ask you 7 riddles, the answer to each one is "mabey later,"
    You will then face toad in a battle,
    but don't let him know your letting him win or he will be sad.

    If you do all this you will unlock Tumble from Mario Party 3.:eek::cool:

  • @Dr. Zoidberg said: I would say if you do, make it an extremely far fetched hint.That way no one will take it seriously.

    I agree but the one mentioned in the other forum was not far fetched, which is the reason I think it was harsh

    However, if it was somethin like Strong Max and you ahve said, then I have no problem with those.

  • If you're gonna make a fake method, I'd love to see you aim it at the game Braid. Like, how to get to the Hourglass Sandcastle. That would REALLY tick people off. *as they are trying to see if there's more to the game*

  • I'd say yes, only if the method is easily identified as a joke. If it's not, then you're pretty much just being a jerk.

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