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Episode 4 Release Date Thread - Now out: PC/Mac/PSN NA/XBLA/iOS; Kindle Fire/Fire TV/PS Vita in 2014

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Since episode 3 is now out for most people, it's time to start a new thread about discussion about when episode 4 will be released so that the people who haven't yet received episode 3 can continue to discuss when the episode will be released on their platform without spoilers and such.

So, if you want to talk about the release of episode 4, do so in here. Thanks. :)

Release Dates
May 27, 2014: PC/Mac, PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in North America
May 28, 2014: Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 (worldwide)
May 29, 2014: iOS on iTunes App Store
May 30, 2014: PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3 in Europe
2014: Kindle Fire/Fire TV/PlayStation Vita

Edit: (May 22):
The trailer is out now

Edit (May 21):
Telltale has announced over Facebook/Twitter that we get a trailer tomorrow on YouTube at 9 am PST/12 EST. Also, we got some snazzy new art as seen below

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