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Bone on G4tv

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I was just watching G4tv, when suddenly they started talking about Bone! I mean, it was totally random! Well, not really. It was the show screensavers, at the beginning, and they were relating some random gaming news, I remember they were also talking about how the guy who played R2D2 (did you know he's had to work in that suit for the past 20 years? I mean, he must feel a bit closed in!) got drunk or something, and has announced his problem with alchohol... Ok, a bit off topic... Anyways, I was watching when they showed the cover of the comic, Bone and they talked about how the geniuses from Lucas Arts hit the road (ha, ha, ha! (I made a funny!) :)) (:| after the sequel to Sam and Max was cancelled, and decided to create their own company. Basically, a lot of repeated info, but it held Telltale in good light, and man, was it cool that Bone was on tv. :)

...Hey, that R2D2 thing wasn't random! LucasArts... Wow! A connection. [\:D/]

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