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Laptop Advice?

posted by Dr. Zoidberg on - last edited - Viewed by 349 users

Okay, let's get da' facts straight.My computer is 7 years old, and pretty soon it's gonna be eight.If I wanna play games or pretty much do anything on my computer besides web browsing, I'm gonna have to upgrade.Since the Wii is the only current-gen gaming system I have, and there aren't a lot of multi system games for that, I was looking at some laptops online.These are not gaming computers, just regular ones, but I would like some of you I-upgrade-my-computer-every-year PC gamers to tell me if these computers I'm looking at could play current-gen PC games.(No, I don't wanna play Crysis, so don't shift me over to some six billion dollar model.)Here's the link:
I thought this computer looked pretty good, but the price seemed too good to be true.What do you guys think about it?

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