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Speech And Audio Problems - Vista 32-Bit

posted by Mikey on - last edited - Viewed by 517 users

Hi there,

I have windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit, with the latest updated drivers for DirectX and my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card.

However in the following downloadable demos of, CSI, Sam & Max Seasons 1 & 2, also Bone. And including the promotional email for free copy of Sam & Max: 201 - Ice station Santa. The speech is all messed up, jumpy, and often repeats has an echo; same more or less applies to the Music.

I have contacted one of your personnel via the support email; but was told information refering to windows XP; which see above, I dont own. XP info was given as there isnt a Windows Vista Machine.

And was told to try lowering my sound cards acceleration / quality, which I think I managed to find on Vista 32-bit, via control panel->Sound and the advanced properties for speaker. This I lowered to "16 Bit, 44100 hz, ( CD Quality ). which did nothing to resolve the issue.

I then emailed back a few days a go and have had no response from anybody what so ever, so am posting here to see if any of the team and / or forum members has the solution to fixing this. As Im pretty sure others must of faced similar or the same problems.

This isnt a moan, but merely an attempt to get your awesome adventure games up and running correctly on my system. And for future purchases.

Cheers and many humble thanks for your feedback and solution,
Mike Furlong.

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  • Hey Mike,
    I just looked into it and apparently you haven't gotten a reply due to "bad mayo." Honestly it is probably better if you don't asks for the specifics of the delay, but suffice to say I'll look into it today and try to get back to you with a solution.

  • OK Cheers dude for letting me know, and looking into a solution. :)

    Many thanks for that,

  • Ack! Sorry for the delay again! Ok, so first things first, I know you have up to date DX, but did you try running the DirectX updater one more time just in case? I've had problems where things didn't quite update clearly.

    Now then, assuming that isn't actually the problem, have you tried rolling back to a previous version of the drivers?

  • Also, does the Audigy 2 have it's own control panel beyond the default one?

  • Hi,

    Tried the DirectX update; and no new bits needed. So am upto date with it.
    With my graphics card there arent any drivers to roll back to, I have an NVidia FX 5550; doubt that matters as the Strong Bad demos work fine.

    As for the Audigy 2, the only thing it comes with is, Creative Audio Console.


  • In the Creative Audio Console, does it have any settings that are called 3D audio or anything like that? I'm looking for some sort of equivalent to "hardware acceleration" that may be under some sort of marketing cloaked name.

  • Sorry dude, there is nothing in the Creative Audio Console that reffers to anything like "Hardware Acceleration". There is an option for the bit rate for SPDIF I/O but that is set to the lowest choice available.

    Btw, I have noticed that in Device Manager this is in backets (WDM).

    Cheers and many thanks for investigating on a solution,

  • I understand you are all busy developing awesome adventure games.

    But is there any developments on this please dudes?

    Cheers and all the very best,

  • We are trying to get a similar system set up. I'll try to let you know sometime tomorrow.

  • Ok cool, thankyou very much.

    Incase this helps at all, I have the following spec:

    Windows Vista 32-bit Ultimate with Service Pack 1
    Memory (Ram) 512 MB
    Nvidia GFX 5550 w/ 128 mb Ram
    Pentium4 2.66ghz
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2.

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