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Worst Video Game Enemies

posted by Dr. Zoidberg on - last edited - Viewed by 447 users

What's the worst video game enemy you can think of? Is it just unoriginal, or does it really wreck the atmosphere of the game? Post a picture of one if you can.

My vote is the Cacodemons from DOOM(yes, Pom Pom dressed up as one in last year's Halloween toon, if it seems familiar and you don't know where it's from).I mean, Id did pretty well creating a creepy atmosphere, especially for the time, and then wrecked it with these little flying circles of death.And plus, these freakin' things WON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!Here's a picture of one.


Yeah, scary huh?(by the way, that is in fact the entire creature, not just its head)

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