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O.K. so I want to buy first episode of Strong Bad, but my dad won't let me. I need help to talk him into it!!!


P.S. Cheating might help, I got a code for the season from my friend, but my mom threw it away. NEED HELP!!! Don't ask me for it.

P.P.S. I forgot it.

P.P.P.S. I'm the same guy from Sam and Max.

Also, I downloaded the demo, and I can't get that STUPID head off of the Homestar float, I stole his clothes while he was in the shower and every time I put his clothes, Strong Bad says that it needs a head, AND it's too stinky. I SERIOUSLY need help. =

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  • Good luck with your dad! It's clearly the best game ever, and will teach you important facts about life. Maybe that will sway him?

    Regarding your progress in the game: Did you get the hedge clippers yet?

  • Thanks. But dad already knows that it's CLEARLY the best game ever and it buids "thinking out of the box" characteristics. BUT, I finshed BOTH demos and want MORE!! SO,uh... if it would't be much trouble, could you lend me $40.00.

    P.S. I have reasons too!!

    P.P.S. I't be cool if you could make a reasonable deal with me?

  • Heh.. well $40.00 IS a lot to ask (from most of us). Also, I doubt that many would give cash to an "underprivileged youth" anyways. (well, many do for charity. But "underprivileged youth" in this case means, "spoiled kid who apparently doesn't know the value of a dollar")

    My dad always had a saying, "beggars can't be choosers" (it wasn't his, but he loved using it). Have you considered making a deal with your dad? Maybe you could earn the game by doing chores for a few weeks.

  • Do what Dangerzone said. It's how I got the game.

  • Yes "Strong Bad Fan" I actually Love Sam and Max. I have everything Sam and Max.

    HEY!! I haven't gotten a game in like... uh, years. And persoally, I DO know the value of a dollar. And I really want that game. I am the Strong Bad fan of the galex-verse. Sorta. And another thing, I love Strong Bad SO much, if you saw my room, you'd die.

    The deal thing is'nt gonna get me anything. I, SWEAR, If you were me, you'd know how wacked-out, crazy, dangerous, screwed up, topsie turvie world I'm in, uh, well, I dunno what you'd say. So, metaphoriclly speaking, that deal crap AIN'T gonna work out. Sorry, if I'm being rude or anything, but I really need some money.

  • You could always try crime!!! Then when you get busted you can blame your dad for turning you to a life of crime!!!

  • the way i got it was because i was asking so much

  • If you apparently own "all things Sam and Max", and if you have enough Strong Bad stuff in your room that we'd "die" if we saw it, then your life is likely not too bad at all.

  • Maybe if you offered to do work for your Dad (chores around the house, yard work, etc) in exchange for the game, he'd be a little easier on you. Apparently he has no problem with how much fanstuff you already have.

  • I second Alison's statements. Work for the money and I bet he won't object. Show him you have initiative! Responsibility! Dedication!

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