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Help with apples

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Having trouble with Phoney getting the apples. In-game help says "Insult Ted's brother, then click on the apples". I thought "Great. Ted's brother will chase Phoney & crash into tree, which will shake apples loose."

So far, I'm having no luck with that. If I click the apples themselves, Phoney runs part way 'cross screen. Then Ted's brother chases Phoney but loses interest partway. If I click somewhere around the base of the tree, I get cutscene where Ted's brother crashes into the tree, stands there stunned for a second, then shakes it off & goes back to starting point. Then Phoney gives a "What's up with that?" shrug, but still no apples.

Could use some help. My 2 daughters -- who're are playing the game with me -- and I are seriously frustrated right now.

Thanks muchly.

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