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Daily Season 1 Character Battle for 5/1

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I am starting a Daily Character Battle where two characters will face off everyday. The winners will move on and the characters that face off in round one are based off where they are from. You guys will vote on which character is better character wise. Not how much you like someone.

Example: The St. Johns were great characters but people hate them.

Today, we are going to start off with two character battles.

One will be Lee VS Clementine. The winner of this will not move on, because they will have an unfair advantage.

One will also be Andre VS Chet. This winner will actually move on. Andre was the police officer if you went at night after finding Clementine. Chet was Shawn Greene's friend if you went at day after finding Clementine.

Voting will end tomorrow when I make the new thread! Thanks.

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