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Is Bloodlines an adventure game?

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Hi all

I am curantly playing Vampire the Masqurade Bloodlines and so far I would
class it as an adventure game, I would say a complete adventure game if it
were not for the few combat fights I have had so far - not alot so far.
There is a lot of "do this to get that" type of quests or "puzzles" and
"find this to do that" ones as well. So try this game if a bit of now and
then fighting is up your alley!

If you havnt played "Vampire the Masquerade Redemption" (the first game in
the series) you would find it very very different, lots of battle and
building your characters specs but its a very good game too if you like lots
of battles.

If the battles of Bloodlines puts you off you could enable the god cheat and
just enjoy the adventure side of things.

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