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Do telltales use motion capture? characters look so real.

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I'm not talking about 'high-resolution'. We've already seen many games having 'real-like' graphics such as 'skyrim' 'fallout' 'batman' etc,. I think their graphic resolution is far better than TWAU. (frankly)
But I'm talking about detailed facial expressions and body gestures.

Well, since breathing life into 3D characters is hard, even in 'saints row','Batman','Fallout', characters looked like paper dolls, not human. (...Batman was good though)

But people in TWAU and TWD, though they have cartoon faces, they look human. They show actual emotions, their bodies move like real people, it's amazing.

I don't know how telltales do it, even to my untrained eyes I don't think it's motion capture, are they just good at animations?

Drawing 2D characters is easy, making 3D characters is a bit hard, but making 3D characters look like 2D cartoon, it's whole different story.
Giving emotions to 3D characters(who have 2D faces) is not easy work. (See 'final fantasy', yuk.)

When Bigby glares in darkness with his eyes changing into wolf's, the facial expression is priceless.

Oh, 'borderlands' uses cartoon rendering too, but...I wasn't much impressed with the animation.
  • I think too much realistic emotions from game such as Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls makes it seems too much, dull, cold and in some cases fake. Not that it is bad, I think it is very impressive.

    The emotions in Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are simple facial expression that we can quickly identify. When a character smiles with a uplifted eyebrow, we know that they are genuinely happy. When a character is in sorrow and grief, we know they are because they are crying with wide open eyes and their lips shakes because it is too much. Telltale are masters at that.
    • I thought telltales are using special graphic techniques, but now you made a good point, maybe it was not about techniques, but about how to 'work' with basic things.

      Final fantasy is famous for using newest technology and so are many other games,
      but I think--as you said--telltales are masters at creating right expressions that can be easily comprehended.
  • They've got a set of self-made animations that they use in the game, i don't think it has anything to do with motion capture. You'll probably recognize a bunch of animations that get reused, like the one from The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4, where Kenny explains how the boat won't fit everyone on, and he starts walking around with hands on hips. That got reused a couple times in The Wolf Among Us. They basically assign the animations out of the many they got in the game files to a character, and it works like that. Hope that explained everything.
  • That's because they got an amazing art team.
  • TT is able to completely avoid the uncanny valley by having a stylised aesthetic and thankfully they have some very talented individuals working on facial expressions.
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    ArthurV Telltale Staff
    We do not use mocap. We're fortunate to have amazing animation and choreography teams to breathe life into our characters. :-)
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