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Stuck in episode 106

posted by trainrek on - last edited - Viewed by 210 users

I have the deed for the U.S. but Sybil will only give me 300 bucks for it. Not near the 100 trillion I need for the earthquake machine that will get me thru the second floor door. Max tells me she needs an attitude adjustment. In one of the previous threads a hint was given to ask a previous president. There are 2, one is the head in the closet, and that will not say anything. The other head, Lincoln only tells me how nervous he is. If I click the deed on him he says justice is blind mute and deaf, and has a cough that sounds like tuberculosis. ???????????
I've clicked on every figggen thing in the game with every friggen object I have and I am getting nowhere.

Another hint was given that Hugh bliss will hypnotize 6 billion people, then Sybil's attitude will change. And where is he? Behind the second floor door I suppose. :confused:

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