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New Sam & Max location renders

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Some we saw last week with the coverstory piece and 1up preview, but several are new (to me anyway). Love searching the locations for funny signs, packets, goods etc!

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    I see there's references to the previous Sam and Max incarnation, Surfin' the Highway, and Bone.

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    I love these new ones, particularly the street scenes. There's a real seediness that was missing in the first renders I saw, while still retaining a very colourful look. The two shops have a very cheap flourescent lit sort of look to them in these renders too. I like that there's almost more light coming into Sam & Max's office through the dingy little windows than from their actual office light too. The sort of vibe I was hoping for in the locations was like a more colourful, slightly skewed version of Mafia, which is the feeling I'm getting from these renders. I hope we see intermittent traffic rolling down those streets. The design and model for the therapist look even better up close too.

  • [quote] The design and model for the therapist look even better up close too.[/quote]



    Maybe it's just the shirt...

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    [quote]I see there's references to the previous Sam and Max incarnation, Surfin' the Highway, and Bone.[/quote]


  • There's a box in the office with the date 03-03-04 on it. Quite an infamous date in Sam & Max history...

  • Greetings from Comic-Con!

    I'm glad to know you guys enjoyed the new renders.

    During Telltale's panel today, Dave B. made an interesting point about Sam & Max's office, which was that the office itself is more or less a shoebox in Steve's comics -- very, very small and tight. It wouldn't make a good game location because it's too small to even walk around in. So, one of the things the artists need to be careful about as they translate the comics into games is making sure that the locations retain the feel of Steve's comics, but are also functional as game locations.

    I guess I never really thought about it that way, but as soon as he said it I understood exactly where he was coning from... (it's also true of Bone, for example,if you look at the source material for the Barrelhaven Tavern and compare it to the game version of the tavern).

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    Check around the office screenshot carefully... there's a calendar with a possum from Bone. That one photo on the left is showing Sam and Max wearing paper bags that they used in "Bad Day on the Moon." The date on the box someone pointed out earlier in this thread hints the "bad thing" that happened to Sam and Max.

    Anyway, as for that kiddie desk, I see the team used one of the Sam and Max posters for reference.

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    Seeing the office and outside screenshots a question came to my mind... what kind of camera controll will we have? GK3 style (free camera, you can controll it however you like) or CSI 3D style (you can only move it left and right)?


    Edit: I also really like the cartoony feel in the screens! Now i really can't wait! lol!

  • The camera will work as it did in the Bone games - it will automatically track the player from place to place through a combination of panning along the set (like how the camera worked the old 2D SCUMM games) and changing camera angles throughout a scene (similar to how Grim Fandango worked). No free camera controls though, they're not really necessary in this game (plus having a camera that can just be thrown around with a mouse tends to lessen the cinematic atmosphere).

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