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Oh me, oh my. Things are looking good. Lend me your ears!

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What can I say, I've been away from these forums for quite a few months. I come back and Sam & Max is ready to release!

I'm giddy, and I'm not usually giddy about anything. Next-gen consoles? Yay, but not giddy-yay.

Sam & Max. GIDDY.

Even if they don't see this, I just wanted to be able to personally thank each and every dev reading this right now for bringing this project to life. Really. This is something I've wanted for longer than I can remember. The only game I've ever wanted a follow-up game for as much as Sam & Max is Grim Fandango, and that's saying a lot.

And the wait HAS hurt. Ever since I first played Sam & Max Hit the Road in 1998 (better late than never), I've wanted more. I'm also point-and-click addict, I openly admit it and I do not need help!

Thank you programmers!
Thank you writers!
Thank you graphics artists!
Thank you sound designers!
Thank you marketing!
Thank you resource management!
Thank you in-house testers!
Thank you project leaders!
Thank you person-who-gets-everyone-coffee!

Am I missing anyone?

Thank you voice actors!


I know, I sound like I'm making a big huge deal out of a game. And that's because I am.

So there!

But honestly, you folks at Telltale made this gamer's day.

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