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Can't Acsess Extended Play In Sam & Max Wii or Strong Bad 3?

posted by ig0rpwnwEd on - last edited - Viewed by 133 users

Hey Telltale. I was playing Strong Bad EPisode 3, and as soon as I finnished it, it sent me back to the menu, and I couldn't save. The same goes for Sam & Max Wii. The first two Strongbads were fine, so I don't know whats happening. Please help!

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  • First, on strong bad...
    Just open the load/save screen (after the credits) and load the autosave at the top... the one that says "Extended Play"

    After it loads you should be in Strong Bads room with the repaired Fun machine. You can then save in any of the other slots (this method works for the first 2 episodes as well)

    Secondly, for Sam and Max...
    Well, Sam and max does not (and never did) have an extended play mode. Extended play is a new thing exclusive to the Strong Bad games. After you finish an episode, just head right into the next.

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