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How can I activate it?

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Hi. I first downloaded the game so I could try out the demo. Afterwhich I proceeded to purhcase the game. I have been sent an order number with my E-mail, I can view my order on the findmyorder website but I do not have any activation key in order to unlock the game. Can Someone please help? Thankyou.

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    Sounds like you had the same problem I had--

    On the 'splash screen' when you start the game (where it asks you if you want to Buy Now, or continue with the demo), at the veryveryvery top of the screen, is 'Customer Support' in red text.

    Click that, enter your order number and password, and it'll unlock the game for you. ^_^

    (It still doesn't tell you your serial number though, but hey, at least it works)

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