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Tatesville: Another Silly Adventure!

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@16_BIT_MARIO1 said: OK, so here's the deal. I'll post a picture of what's happening to this guy, with an explanation underneath. You respond by posting ">[Command]", or it won't be counted as him doing it. Any commands like ">die lol" will be ignored. You can look at stuff, pick stuff up, listen to stuff, and impale stuff on any huge spiky objects you find. The goal will be revealed in time.

In this thread, go by this guy's rules.

I got the kindest permission from 16 Bit Mario to make this thread, just so you know. Count this as a disclaimer.

So, here's the cast:


Going clockwise from bottom right to top right: Parkerina, Ali, Lily, Out-of-Touch, Alex, Barry, Jackie, Swift, Josh, Pankaroodey, Warbler, and Rosebud.

You are Parkerina, the main carachter of this thang. There has been sightings of black figures crawling around at night. Talk to people and see what they know.

You know the drill. Good luck!

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