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sam and max season 3 ideas

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I want sam and max season 3 be the best game in the world I want more violence, more guns, and the coolest cars they can get through out the year and i want it with a way lose the game

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  • Their would be a download able DVD styled menu similar to alone in the dark for each series in which you would put the episodes of the series. It should also have seen selection which would replace debug mode. Also while selecting an episode its sypnosis and release date would be included. Each episode would have a download able game guide which can be accessed through the menu or in game and includes walkthrough and did you try list. It also would contain a special features section and options. One of the options would be to see a commercial after each climax.

  • Speed runs for each episode along with a highscore table for it and endless minigames which would also have a highscore table.

  • High scores on an adventure game? hahaha

  • Or in PBTC Strong Bad's words:

    "I can do it. I can do it nine- I mean- five times!"

    Anyway, how about giving them some magic wand where you will have to click on to make music, and where certain tunes can make certain things on certain objects happen? Like, dye or bleach certain fabrics (although dyeing will most probably just result in ugly green instead of the color you want).

    I already have a sort of name for it.

    Looming dangers.

    Or something similar.

  • Ideas off the top of my head.

    I'd like a Halloween special. Imagine the chaos of Sam & Max terrifying the town in costume. Sam could be the Joker (cuz of his gigantoid gun) or Dick Tracey, Max could be anything (for some reason, all the concepts I have are Alice in Wonderland characters: Hatter, Queen, White Rabbit, Cheshire). Toss in a neighborhood murder mystery &/or a haunted mansion.

    Surveys show that gamers have weaknesses for zombies, pirates, & ninjas. Zombies have already been done, so why not pirates? I got to captain a ship of zombie pirates in Pirates of the Sword Coast & it was the coolest thing ever, plus Sam & Max would make great pirates.

    A single episode to lure in fantasy RPG players. Sam & Max have done sci-fi in MBB & R2.0, so why not fantasy? Max would be as equally terrifying with magic as Lina Inverse, blowing up the town with spells he made-up or was told not to use. Sam could swing around a gigantic sword, clumsily breaking things it bumps into durring interogations.

    Last one off the top I can think of is Sam & Max getting framed & trying to clear their names while running from the cops. It seems like a situation they would easily fall into, being irresponsible antihero vigilantes & all.

    In addition, make more of the environment interactable, even if it's just comments on some clicked-on object, variable comments at that. Also, the bad-driving segments are always appriciated.

  • Honestly I would like to see either of them get layed. You know, I don't want to LITERALLY see it, but at least here that it happened. That & I wanna find out what's up with that jack-ass Superball

  • Any of their relatives in the series would be nice.

  • @yoshimickster said: Any of their relatives in the series would be nice.

    I agree.

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