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Did anyone else notice this?

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In a lot of episodes, Sam always mentions how Max doesn't like girls, and some characters even hint at them being a couple (in the show and the game). Is it just me, or does anyone else think that they should be a couple?
Sorry if this is weird, I just had to say something about it.

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  • Oh that's just rediculous! As if they WEREN'T. ANd no it's pretty impossible to not think even once that they share the bed. Come on people you know it's true! I can't believe I didn't make this topic.

  • I'm pretty sure Max not liking girls is supposed to imply that he's asexual, not gay. Also, they tend to react with disgust at being implicated as a couple. Also also, according to the Chariot of the Dogs commentary, the original puzzle to get Max to like girls was changing to incident that turned him off girls in the first place, which was having to kiss Sam's female cousin in a game of spin the bottle. I think they think of each other as brothers. Probably not consciously, though.

    That said, I find shipping of all kinds entertaining, up to the point where people start taking it too seriously, or making it seem like the thing it's based on is all about romance, like some parts of the Phoenix Wright fandom*, so if you want to ship them, that'd be cool.

    *I'm not going to stop people from doing it. I just don't like it.

    @xChri5x said: ...and it begins
    It began some time ago, actually.

  • I've already written a mini article (and the awesome Shwoo corrected it :p ) about this subject:
    The Sam & Max Wiki!

    So how I see it, people pick and choose scenes/quotes/whatever for their conclusions and ignore other, contradicting evidence.

    But, I also feel that Sam and Max's personalities are oddly complex. Sticking them in one category or another, you are going to neglect something.

    @Shwoo said: or making it seem like the thing it's based on is all about romance

    I second that statement. But who am I kidding? Hormonal fans will believe whatever they want to believe. That rings true with any work of fiction (or even non-fiction... ...scary). ^^;

  • *grumble* Stupid rule 34 website...

  • I never said I thought they were but I have thought about it numerous numerous times. Sam & Max confuse on every level!

  • You got that right. Perhaps it's just a twisted joke.

  • I wrote a long reply and the forum didn't post it properly. Hate it when that happens.

    @Breakman said: I've already written a mini article (and the awesome Shwoo corrected it :p ) about this subject:
    The Sam & Max Wiki!
    And I'd forgotten about the wedding thing... Hmm.

    @Breakman said: *grumble* Stupid rule 34 website...
    What, did you look?

    You know, if the Sam & Max universe was anything like the real world, not counting the talking animals, the living statues, the rat and cockroach societies on the moon and the sentient colonies of space faring bacteria that feed on human happiness, there'd be probably be in-universe Max/Sam.

    Considering that a)Max is president of the US and so pretty well known but probably not well respected considering how psycho he is, b)he's almost always with Sam and that would at least drive celebrity gossip publications to speculate on the nature of their relationship and c)though RPF squicks me, I've seen Australian politician slash, I don't think it's much of a stretch.

    Which is hilarious.

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