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Sam & Max are old!

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I just did the math while watching Chariot of the Dogs & Sam y Max are estimated to at least be in their 40s. Man, Max doesn't even look a day over 12 for Satan's sake!

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  • I noticed that too, but I'm pretty sure I remember Sam and Max in 1980 being described as preteens, so in 2008, their age range should be about 36-41. They seemed a bit older than nine, but that's my lower limit.

    Max would have to be over 35 to be able to be elected president, anyway.

    But if you consider the webcomic to be in the same continuity as the games, then they spent about ten years buried alive and are actually younger than they seem. I like that theory. It explains why it took them so long to get a new case that Max thinks that the local lawbreakers must miss their esoteric brand of personalised criminal justice. Early 30s is how old I think they are, too.

    Also, in the comics there's a panel captioned "Try this! Swap yearbooks with someone roughly your own age and take a look-- They're all the same people!" The picture shows Max reading a yearbook dated 1977, and Sam reading a yearbook dated 1976. So their birthdates were pushed forwards almost a decade for the games. I'm glad they're not that young in the comics; they'd be too young to buy beer in Monkeys Violating The Heavenly Temple, which is significant because Sam mentions Fizzball.

    Max doesn't seem to visibly age at all. Just look at old Max in Chariots of the Dogs. Don't look at the cartoon episode the Dysfunction of the Gods. (Covers it with one hand) It tells dirty lies.

    (Note: Those last two sentences were a joke)

  • Actually, Sam & Max are the same ages they've always been, they just age in the games.

  • The cartoons have referenced Max having a fairly short lifespan (I think eight years). It might be mentioned in one of the games too, I think I remember a conversation about it in Sybil's during Season One. There's a paradox for you!

  • Bosco is like, only a few years older then them. Honestly I just never thought of Max as in his 40s before, & that whole ten year lapse puts in a technicality that I'm a tad confused if I am actually to consider! And considering the nut I am, I DO! TIPPER GORE! How old does Sybil look? Probably early 30s I'd say.

  • I figure Max keeps getting reborn (a la Bad Day on the Moon) due to general recklessness, havoc and inappropriate behavior. That's why he never seems to age (as seen in 204) while Sam seems to be in the 'older brother' age range by comparison. Max will probably have his own deus ex machina device/chamber full of clones by 2028 and so he will never perish. Or their own paradox machine given the ending for 204...

  • I wouldn't be surprised if the preservatives in all that junk food they eat has anything to do with how they look and their actual ages.

  • doctors.jpg

    Can they regenerate? This would also explain the subtle change in appearance and voices over the years...

  • Sam and Max are now timelords? awesome.

  • @purple_monkfish said: Sam and Max are now timelords? awesome.

    yeah we know that from 204
    timelords of 8 or some time periods

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